The only life hack you’ll ever need


life-hack-aheadOne evening last October, I was frantically searching my kitchen for a pizza cutter when I had an epiphany. We’ll get to that later, but first let’s talk about why I was in such dire need of a pizza cutter that I literally opened every drawer and cabinet in my kitchen…twice.

You see, once a month I morph into a person we all love to hate. It happens about 24 hours before the day my kid is signed up to be snack leader at his preschool. I become a #PinterestMom. Apparently, my creativity has been stifled and only recently found an outlet – making toddler snacks. I plan my snack attack with diligence, spending days looking for the perfect idea – one that will be both healthy and fun to eat.
Of course, with Halloween 20161018_12092020161018_120941

approaching, there was no shortage of inspiration for this
snack. After hours of agonizing over my selection, I went with little hot dog mummies and banana ghosts. I set out to prep the mummies the evening before, so that B could help, and planned to bake them and make the ghosts the next day just before delivering them for snack time.

This is where my epiphany comes in. I had rolled out the dough and went to grab the pizza cutter to aide in making strips to use for the mummy wraps. It was one of those “life hacks” I had seen all over the internet and it seemed to be the only way to go about my task at hand. So you can imagine my frustration when I realized the utensil was nowhere to be found. When my husband suggested I just use a knife, I scoffed (and probably whined  little), then begrudgingly grabbed the bread knife from the drawer and began the tedious task of cutting strips of dough, all the while thinking to myself, “Man this would have been so much easier with the pizza cutter.”

That’s when it hit me. Well, not at that exact moment, but hours later when I was trying to fall asleep and replaying the events of the evening in my head. But it was that moment of the replay that made me stop and think. Why was I so frustrated by having to use a knife? Why did I care so much about using a “life hack” when I got the same results in the end? What is a life hack, anyway?

I made a mental note to write those thoughts down and come back to them. I knew there was more to that feeling, and I wanted to fully dive into it. The next day I wrote a quick couple of paragraphs as a starter post and vowed to finish it soon. It’s now March, so you can see how well that went.

I read back through my initial thoughts, then spent a few days thinking it over and finally came up with this. I am going to give you my Ultimate Life Hack. But before we get to that – let’s take a moment to review what exactly constitutes a life hack.

Webster’s Dictionary defines “life hack” as follows:
:  a usually simple and clever tip or technique for accomplishing some familiar task more easily and efficiently <“Life hacks,” as they are known, are all about eliminating life’s manifold frustrations in simple and deliciously clever ways. The best involve tricks that are free, efficient and stunningly obvious in retrospect, deploying household items (like the humble toilet roll) for purposes beyond their wildest aspirations.

Ok. With that in mind, continue reading for my epiphany-filled suggestion for how to make your life run more easily and efficiently. Here it is – are you ready for it? It’s really good. Brace yourself. And go…


Just don’t. Don’t hack your life.  I’m not saying not to use life hacks – after all, I have an entire Pinterest board devoted to them! Plus, I can’t tell you not to use life hacks and then give you a life hack to use – that would be hypocritical. But this one comes with a few stipulations.

  • Don’t let your life become so full of hacks that you forget to live and love and experience all that life has to offer. Nobody should waste 15 minutes of mummy-making time looking for a pizza cutter when you could be laughing and making memories with your son.
  • Don’t let the absence of a hack get in the way of enjoying what you are doing. (see above about wasting time – just grab the dang knife!)
  • Choose your hacks carefully – using one may come at the expense of something else. Just because the internet says you should use a straw to remove the stem of a strawberry doesn’t mean you have to (especially if you accidentally choose your son’s favorite straw).
  • Create your own hacks that work for your life. I, for one, will never be able to do all the fun hair-hacks I see, but I know that my phone’s camera zoom makes for an excellent magnifying glass when needed.

It’s not rocket science. It’s not really even all that original. But it is something that I needed to hear again and thought maybe you might, too. Life is precious. Time is short. Rather than searching the kitchen for a pizza cutter that was most likely thrown out inside a pizza box months ago, just grab a knife and get to making mummies with your kid.

What are some of your favorite life hacks? Or better yet, share your #LifeHackFails! My most favorite one is below – it is seriously life changing when it comes to baking cakes!