Meet The Potters


Wife. Mom. Laundry fairy.
I spend my days trying to balance raising my son, romancing my husband, and impressing my boss, all while trying to maintain a tiny bit of my self and sanity. Most days, I fail at 2 of the 4.

Husband. Dad. Neat freak.
Adam does the dirty work. He cleans up behind me and our toddler tornado on a daily basis. But he also can make our son laugh in a way that melts hearts. He is my rock, my man, my best friend.

Son. Toddler. Insomniac.
My child is lucky he’s extremely cute or we might have given him away in our sleep-deprived delusion. In all honesty, he’s a pretty good kid. But geez I could really use a week of solid, 8 hours a night, sleep.


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